PAS Pedal Assist e-bike Electric Bike 5.5 Mile Range w/Lithium-Ion Battery

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  • Two battery packs: Main battery is in the triangle box. Secondary battery is beneath the seat. Total 5.5 Miles Range. Secondary battery is easy to remove for charging at any household outlet.
  • 27.5″ x 0.9″ Tire: No-compromise performance
  • Front/Rear Disc-brake: Showcases the advanced electric bike design
  • 15 mph Max Speed: Makes longer, faster road rides possible


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PAS Pedal Assist function provides power only when you are pedaling. This feature is very important. Bikes without PAS (or power-cutting hand brake) can cause injury to the rider and bike easily by turning the throttle by accident. Many European countries have implemented laws requiring PAS on all electric bikes because they force the rider to pedal when on a bike. And to avoid the e-bike to be called motorbike.

This is a PAS bike. No throttle control. What is a PAS bike? (Pedal Assist System) Motor turns on when you start pedaling and automatically turns off when you stop pedaling. You may turn on/off PAS with push a button. When you are on a tough road, or, feel tired, turn the PAS on. When on a easy ride, turn off PAS to save battery. This PAS technology makes cycling a lot more fun for a lot more people.


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